Seattle traffic engineers have made safety changes ahead of the school year that they want parents, students, and drivers to know about.

Engineers worked all over the city at intersections where there were concerns about helping kids cross safely. They added speed humps, traffic flashers, and crosswalks.

The Seattle Department of Transportation also worked with an artist to use paint to make some areas safer. They painted some of the streets around Ballard High School a crimson color.

It's a low-cost way to get the attention of drivers and pedestrians. Traffic Engineers say it makes the streets more vibrant and that translates into a safer walk for children headed to classes.

There are a few of the projects around the city including one near Hazel Wolf school that looks like rain drops and one in Wallingford that has a ladybug in the street.

“It just really brings awareness to people,” Traffic Engineer Dongho Chang said. “As you're crossing, you're like 'I need to watch for vehicles here' and then as a driver you're like 'I need to watch for someone walking.'"

Another change that SDOT wants drivers to be aware of is the installation of a new traffic light on Aurora Ave N. and N. 92nd Street. There are two new schools opening near there, and hundreds of children could be crossing Aurora every day to get to Cascadia Elementary and Robert Eagle Staff School.

“We are doing low-cost things to bring awareness that there are crossings and then reduce the crossing distance for kids,” Chang said. “So, as we do treatments, we're putting some speed humps in to ensure people are slowing down wherever the kids are crossing you'll see those throughout the city in the school zones.”