The Seattle Education Association (SEA) is continuing to count votes on a possible one-day strike.

The SEA accepted ballots from teachers over the last few days, after a committee asked for a walkout May 1 to protest state education funding.

Jesse Hagopian, a Garfield High School teacher and civic activist, says he believes "it's a travesty that our State legislature refuses to do its constitutional duty." He pushed for the walkout, which would come on the same day as AP testing in Seattle Public Schools.

District spokesperson Luke Duecy said in an email that the district is not making alternative plans and will "cross that bridge if we come to it."

Seattle City Council members Kshama Sawant and Mike O'Brien say they will "have their backs" if the teachers walk out.

"If there is any retaliation against the educators union from the administration or public school administration, then we will make sure we stand with them," said Sawant.

The council member says she believes "to strike while the iron is hot."

Sawant is encouraging peaceful demonstrations on May Day to protest immigration policies, including "shuttle down airports, shutting down highways."

The ballots are expected to be counted by Saturday and a vote announced by Monday.