A group saying it’s a “coalition of small business owners from across the city” is expected to speak out Tuesday against a proposed Seattle tax on sugary drinks and sodas. Mayor Ed Murray proposed the tax several weeks ago to pay for educational programs.

The tax would hit distributors at a cost of two cents an ounce with most of the price increase likely being handed right to consumers.

Murray said the tax would likely bring in about $16 million a year.

Last month, the owner of the Boss Drive-in, in Seattle’s Delridge neighborhood, made it clear how he felt with a sign outside his restaurant. The sign says “HEY MR MAYOR $5 SODAS? UR POP TAX SUCKS!”

Ryan Hopkins owns Boss Drive-in and said he recently learned that the mayor’s idea could force him to raise prices on his large soda to more than $5. Hopkins says, some days, drinks bring in about 25 percent of his profits. He’s also concerned that with Burien nearby, customers will go there to avoid the tax.  

Organizers for Tuesday’s event said they would also include “Immigrant Groups and Organized Labor.” There was no mention of whether the group is receiving backing from the beverage industry which has fought these taxes in other cities.