SEATTLE -- Seattle city leaders are full speed ahead to start the nation's first recreational marijuana delivery service. Mayor Ed Murray and City Attorney Pete Homes have pledged support for Washington state Legislature House Bill 2368 which would start a two year pilot project for the service.

It would allow five Initiative 502-licensed marijuana retailers to operate the service. HB 2368 would allow customers 21 or older to place an order to a residence and delivery drivers must be trained in ID verification.

Holmes is also urging illegal delivery services to cease and desist. Since voters approved I-502 in 2012, the city reports 19 legal recreational marijuana retail stores have opened in Seattle. But the number of illegal delivery services appears to be growing to an estimated 24 services and operators.

"The best advice I can give someone that's engaging in these illegal activities is to cease and desist immediately," Holmes said. "Don't just go underground. Stop these operations or you are going to have to do it the hard way."

Since KING 5 revealed The Stranger was allowing advertisements for illegal delivery services, the newspaper has since decided not to publish the ads. The Stranger co-founder Tim Keck tweeted Tuesday. "The Stranger strongly believes in legalization & a thriving retail market. We will be discontinuing unlicensed delivery service ads in Feb."