SEATTLE - A Packer family's disappointment over their team's NFC Championship loss was made less painful thanks to the generosity of a Seahawks fan.

The McElravys, who live near Leavenworth, were in the stands at CenturyLink Field to witness the Green Bay's last-minute loss to Seattle.

Packer die-hards, Tim McElravy and his 13-year-old son Austin found themselves surrounded by jubilant, ecstatic Hawks fan. That's when a generous Seahawks fan named PJ Ledorze gave his Seahawks jersey to Austin.

After the game, the McElravys reached out to KING 5 on our Facebook page in hopes of reconnecting with PJ. They included a photo of the that special moment.

Tim McElravy said, "Can you help us get in contact with this fan? We attended the game today and my son and I are die-hard Packers fans At the game there was one fan (a 12) who was pretty vulgar to us and said some pretty rude things to me and my 13 year old son Austin. The whole game this guy in a Sherman Jersey was talking to us having a good time...offered to trade jerseys with us (but we did not want to give up our Green and Gold). At the end of the game my son congratulated him on a great game and PJ took off his Sherman Super Bowl Jersey and GAVE it to my son. We were moved to tears...the 12's showed what being a Seahawk fan is truly about."

Monday morning we posted the photo on our Instagram account in hopes of re-connecting the McElravys with PJ.

It turns out that some of our Instagram friends recognized PJ Ledorze right away and we were able to contact him.

So why did he give Austin his prized jersey?

"It was an emotional decision at the time, it was my last year's Super Bowl jersey and Sherman is my favorite player.. you attach memories to that. As awesome as those memories are, that kid is never going to forget that moment and that means more to me than that jersey," Ledorze said.

We put Ledorze and the McElravys in touch with each other and on learned that they've shared several conversations together on Facebook. Ledorze said he hopes to visit the McElravys at home one day soon.

But the story doesn't end there.

On Tuesday, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman also caught wind of Ledorze's kind gesture through the power of social media. Sherman posted a message of his own on Facebook and Twitter, asking people to help him find PJ. Sherman so he can give PJ a signed jersey.

"That would blow me over the moon, I don't even know how to respond," said Ledorze.

If he does indeed get that signed jersey, Ledorze says he won't be giving that one away.

"I would be honored to receive a signed jersey from my favorite player," he said. "That one would be staying with me for life. It's important to know, this one would not be given away at all."

For now, one final note from Tim McElravy, "The 12's were really good to us Cheeseheads. God Bless ya Seahawks...go Get another Lombardi!"

The McElravy's said they will absolutely be rooting for the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.