SEATTLE -- It's the Seahawks like you've never seen them before -- Monet meets the 12th Man. The artist isn't a painter. Robin Layton is a famed photographer.

"This is one of my favorites and my goal is to make them look like impressionistic paintings," Layton said.

Layton's impressions of Seahawks fans were inspired by an epic season and the ultimate celebration.

"This piece started it all," said Layton, as she showed us one of her favorite shots captured at the parade following the Seahawks' Superbowl victory. "When the parade happened this past year I got this idea of oh my gosh, what if I did an impressionistic exhibit of the 12th man?"

Layton spent years as a sports photojournalist, most recently for the Seattle P.I. The iconic image of the '95 Mariners featuring Ken Griffey's smile at the bottom of the pile was her work.

So Layton is at home on the sidelines. It's where she spent all season with the Seahawks. Only her lens wasn't pointed at Marshawn; it was trained on the 12th Man.

"Everybody else is shooting the action but I'm pointing different directions and shooting the crowd and maybe the guy holding the first down sign or the ball in the air and everybody's like what is she doing," Layton said.

From 50,000 images captured at the parade, at practice and at home games this season, Layton narrowed it down to 18. They're now on display at Seattle's Winston Wachter Art Gallery.

"My goal was to take the passion of the Hawks and the 12th Man and to elevate it to high art," said Layton.

High art that is earning her high praise. A tribute to the 12th -- sure to leave a lasting impression.

"It's just a great time to be in Seattle," she said.

Layton's exhibit, "12," opens tonight and runs through February 25th. Her pieces sell for $3,000 to $9,000. For more information visit the exhibition website.