Andrew Monko moved from corner to corner Tuesday afternoon, focusing his camera's lens on the unique artwork hanging on Café Racer's walls.

"I think this is my favorite piece," he said, pointing to a portrait made entirely of Peeps.

"Who doesn't like Peeps repurposed as art," he chuckled. "What's not to like, right."

Café Racer is home to quirky creations. It's also a place where people go to hear late night music. It's been on the same Seattle block for 14 years.

But now, it's a place quickly running out of time.

"Yesterday I found out. I came in and they were having kind of an impromptu goodbye session," said employee Brianna Davey.

Royce Aydel is an employee too.

"We can't sustain it anymore," said Aydel.

Monko, a longtime customer, calls is a "real loss."

Café Racer was able to endure devastating times. On May 30, 2012, a man shot and killed four people inside the café.

Today a tribute wall bears the names of the victims Kimberly Layfield, Donald Largen, Drew Keriakedes, and Joe Albanese.

"It was just a tragedy. I think if anything, it strengthened everybody and kind of made everybody feel like they need to come together," said Davey.

The business has managed to keep going until now.

"We all have to find other places to go because someone wants it more than we do apparently, or they can afford it better than we can," said Aydel.

"It is kind of one of the last, best representations of "old Seattle," that's very rapidly disappearing. I just had to come down and capture some of its essence before it is gone," said Monko.

Cafe Racer will close after business Wednesday.