The show will not go on.

The organizer behind "Movies at Magnuson" announced Monday the event was cancelled, effectively immediately.

Doug Borneman of Epic Events said there are "security concerns that have evolved into public safety issues." He did not elaborate other than to say, "incidents of theft and violence as attendees exit the events," and "It just doesn’t seem like the right venue for us at this time."

Epic was scheduled to show Willy Wonka, and La La Land on a big screen in the grassy play fields on upcoming Thursdays. It's been a summer tradition, according to the company, for the past six years.

Seattle Police nor the Seattle Parks department were immediately able to respond to the allegations.

Social media accounts have made claims about a rise in burglary and assault in the park. Although, according to available online public records, there were two incidents last Thursday, around showtime near the park and none the Thursday before that.