For the first time in 40 years, Pike Place Market has expanded - a $74 million expansion, in fact.

The impressive new MarketFront opened Thursday, and many donors were on hand to see their impact. "Market Charms" are being sold as an effort to help fund the final $9 million to complete the MarketFront expansion. Pike Up! is a capital campaign launched by The Market Foundation, $6 million of which will help fund the MarketFront project.

"The Market Charms are this generation's opportunity to leave their mark in Pike Place Market and be a part of building this next chapter in market history," said Capital Campaign Manager Patricia Gay. She also points out that this is a unique and rare opportunity.

"This is the first time since the 1980s tile campaign that we've been able to offer donor naming opportunities to thousands of people!"

Market Charms are manufactured by Just In Time Fabrications, a sheet metal fabrication business based out of Woodinville. The charm project was unusual for them, but it was also personal.

"We got into it because it was special for us; for my grandmother personally. She was a vendor at Pike Place Market during the Depression, so we jumped at the chance to do this!" said Nick Ricard from Just in Time Fabrications.

The charms range from personal messages to love stories and even sound lyrics. Numerous marriage proposals are already hanging on the fences. They have installed over 6,000 Market Charms, and you can designs yours for $180 at The next round of Market Charms will be installed in the fall of 2017.