SEATTLE -- One man died after a trench collapsed in West Seattle.

The incident happened Tuesday morning in a residential area of 36th Avenue SW and SW Hanford Street in the Admiral neighborhood.

A worker with a sewer company was working on sewer line inside a 10-foott trench in between two homes when the walls of the trench gave way and buried the man under several feet of soil.

Firefighters were immediately called and there were initial signs that the man was alive.  For about 20 minutes, it was a rescue operation, but it became clear the man wouldn't make it.  Firefighters said the rescue had become a recovery effort and they spent the rest of the afternoon recovering his body.

Seattle police took over the investigation and were interviewing witnesses in an effort to find out why it happened.

A relative of the victim told KING 5 the worker was the father of a 4-month-old daughter.


KING 5's Ted Land and Michael Konopasek contributed to this report.