Chris Behrens was commuting back to Seattle's Ballard neighborhood by bicycle when he said he heard a metal wire snap.

“I could tell something had hit the road right in front of my bike,” he said.

Behrens said he found a piece of metal debris in the middle of Western Avenue near Blanchard Street.

“I found it on the road right where I heard the noise. I didn’t see it,” he added.

What he saw instead was part of his bicycle slightly damaged and a frayed piece of metal crane rope dangling above the site.

Workers for Compass Construction would not answer questions besides confirming no one was injured in the accident. It’s unclear what caused the issue. Calls to the company were not returned.

From an apartment building next door, there did not appear to be any obvious damage.

The site at 2134 Western Avenue is an eight level mixed-use building with 145 residential units and street-level commercial space, according to Compass' website.

Last summer, Seattle had the most cranes in America, according to a report published by the Seattle Times.