An 18-year-old Tacoma man was arrested after shots were fired in Columbia City earlier this month.

The man was arrested Monday for a drive-by shooting and is being held on $250,000 bail.

On June 5, a Chrysler 300 was traveling southbound on Rainier Avenue South when it approached a Honda Accord traveling northbound at South Ferdinand Street.

Surveillance video showed the driver and three passengers in the 300 fire multiple shots at the Accord, according to court documents. One of the passengers stood up through the sunroof to fire multiple rounds.

Officers collected at least 36 fired cartridges at the scene, and several businesses were damaged, including a Starbucks and Wink Eyeware.

There were no injuries.

After firing shots at the Accord, the 300 turned westbound on Ferdinand and fired shots at a pedestrian near 35th Avenue South, according to court documents. Surveillance video showed the woman dive for cover as the bullets hit the sidewalk in front of her, according to court documents.

In surveillance footage, the license plate of the 300 matched a car the Tacoma man purchased May 27.

The man admitted he was driving the car during the shooting. However, he told investigators only the passengers fired guns, and he did not have a gun, according to court documents.