SEATTLE - Police are still working to identify human remains found at Seattle's Interlaken Park on Labor Day weekend.

The body was found by a father visiting the densely wooded area where his son had died just five days before.

Jonathan LeBaron told Capitol Hill Seattle blog his son Jon had struggled with drug addiction and homelessness for nearly eight years before he went missing this year. Two people hiking through the park found his son's body on August 30.

Five days later, the older LeBaron went to the park to mark the spot where his son had died with a homemade cross. He was walking in a forested ravine when he came across a campsite with some bags he thought might have belonged to his son.

“I started going through the bags and looked over to the right and saw there was a skull,” he said.

An investigator with the King County Medical Examiner tells Capitol Hill Seattle blog they have yet to positively identify the body. Police believe it may have been a natural death.

“I think that place should be combed,” LeBaron told CHS. “It was a needle in a haystack where I found that body.”

A Seattle Police spokesperson told CHS there were no plans for a sweep of Interlaken Park unless something criminal was revealed during the medical examinations of the bodies.

As for LeBaron's son, no official cause of death has been released, but police said there was no evidence of foul play. He may have been dead for two months before his body was found.

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The discoveries spotlight the epidemic of addiction and homelessness that continues to grow in the city. It also illustrates the dilemma with Interlaken Park and other parks with tall trees and deep ravines, ideal places for hidden homeless camps.