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Demanding an end to what they called "our national nightmare," anti-Trump protesters took to the streets of Seattle Saturday and declared "the beginning of its end."

"I'm sick of the way things are going in this administration," said Kathleen Atkins. "They're putting us on the brink of nuclear war. This has to stop."

Demonstrators in more than 20 US cities staged rallies Saturday. About 100 people marched in Seattle.

They were the first of what demonstrators said will be two solid weeks of daily demonstrations to build national momentum. The hope is to create a "crisis of legitimacy" with the White House, resulting in new elections.

"History has shown fascism must be stopped before it becomes too late," said Margo Heights, who is leading the demonstrations in Seattle.

Other than a few verbal skirmishes with Antifa demonstrators and the occasional smoke bomb, the protest was peaceful.

A group of approximately six pro-Trump counter-demonstrators taunted the marchers and called them hypocrites.

"Unlike what they would tell you, I'm not a Nazi," said a man who gave his name as only Dominic and wore a Make America Great Again hat. "I just believe Donald Trump has America in his best interest. I believe in a lot of the things they believe, but they won't let me speak my beliefs."

At one point, a woman tried to burn an American flag, only to have it swiped away by a man who said he is a U.S. veteran.

"I've got too many friends in the service who lost their lives," said the man, who gave his name as Robert. "There is freedom of speech, but there has to be limits."

The second of the planned two weeks of rallies is scheduled for 1 p.m. Sunday at Seattle City Hall.