SEATTLE -- The Seattle City Council is not yet ready to decide whether it should spend $1.4 million to bail out the financially struggling Pronto bike share system.

The council's Sustainability and Transportation Committee is holding off on a decision until March 1.

If the city does not spend $1.4 million to purchase Pronto from its non-profit owner, the bike share system will cease operations later this year.

Dozens of people showed up to a council meeting, Friday to share opinions on both sides of the debate.

Many cyclists and Pronto supporters are urging the city to throw a lifeline to the bike share system and enable it to eventually expand with more stations and possibly electric cycles in the future.

But another group is saying that Seattle just isn't a good place for bike sharing due to geography, infrastructure and other concerns, and they worry this bail-out won't be enough to save Pronto.

The Seattle Department of Transportation says to think of Pronto like a transit system, and like most transit systems it should require some level of public investment.

If the city does not buy Pronto and the system stops operating, the city will still be responsible for paying back a $1 million federal grant.