All week long, KING 5 is looking at religion in Seattle and what sets it apart from other parts of country.

More people consider themselves unaffiliated in Seattle than any other U.S. city besides Portland, Oregon. Theologists and other researchers are studying the area as a model of the future of church across the nation:

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A church in Ballard started by meeting over a pub and its focus on serving the community first and foremost, sets it apart from more traditional churches:

One church in Seattle wants others to use its space, no matter the beliefs of the group using it. They see the facility as a way to help others:

The Archdiocese of Seattle, which includes all of Western Washington, has been around nearly 170 years and Archbishop Peter Sartain says that it continues to grow:

Aurora Commons started four years ago, the offspring of a backyard BBQ and a simple question -- who is our neighbor:

Atheist churches are growing so common, Sunday Assembly is one of two that meets in the same Seattle building:

African American churches like Mount Zion Baptist in Seattle have served more than spiritual needs over the years -- they've also served for political action:

A look at the religious minorities in Seattle: