As viewers increasingly signed up for Netflix and used apps to stream the latest movies on-demand, a video rental store in Ballard managed to survive. But Rain City Video could not make it through 2017. Sunday was its last day in business.

The store opened at NW 65th St. and 32nd Ave. NW 29 years ago and built a loyal base of customers. If you didn't know what to rent, ran out of ideas, or couldn't locate a film anywhere else, all you had to do was ask. You could probably find it there.

Robin Williams once visited the store. He was in the neighborhood filming scenes for World's Greatest Dad and thumbed through some titles in between takes.

Rain City Video made it well into the era of streaming TV and on-demand movies, but these days the economics just aren’t working out, the owners of the business said. The building they are renting is also for sale.

“It's kind of like a museum or a library,” said Jacques Pugh, a customer who visited during Rain City’s final days.

“We understand change happens, but sometimes it's hard to accept,” he said.

The owners of Rain City Video say they’re planning to digitize most of their titles and make them available online.