SEATTLE -- Thousands gathered in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood for a “Black Lives Matter” rally and march Saturday night.

The event started at Seattle Central College and lasted for about three hours with marchers going to several locations.

Although the focus of the event centered on the “Black Lives Matter” movement, they talked about immigration, President Trump, juvenile justice and several other causes.

Participant Coreena Brown said the energy of the large crowd was encouraging.

“I'm feeling like I'm standing on the strength of my ancestors," she said.

The faces in the crowd represented a diverse mix of cultures and ages. Lynn Doolittle said she brought her daughter to show her how important it is to stand up for something you believe in.

“We do have privilege. We have to fight being women, but we have privilege, and we can help other people we can bring them up with us," she explained.

Her daughter hopes to find ways to support social justice causes through her Girl Scout troop.

“I just want to be here to help this fight,” she said.

Brown was energized by the event but hopes that it leads to actual change.

“It's a beginning but there’s more work that needs to be done.”