SEATTLE -- Ballard High School has earned an invitation to Carnegie Hall in back-to-back years.

The concert choir will perform March 17 and 18. The wind ensemble has been invited to perform next year.

"This is the first time that we've taken kids to Carnegie," said Courtney Rowley, the school's director of choirs. Ballard was one of 15 choirs chosen.

"It's kind of cool two years in a row people from our school are going to perform at such an awesome place," said Justus Brown, who's a sophomore. He's excited to see and hear what the place is like.

"It's got really good acoustics," he imagined.

Michael James, the school's director of bands, is already getting his wind ensemble ready for the New York Invitational next April.

"Hopefully other schools can look at this and say, ‘Oh, wow. Ballard's been invited to Carnegie. Two of their groups,'" he said. "We're kind of the new kids on the block. We're just doing our own thing."