SEATTLE - Seattle City Council member Debora Juarez announced on Monday a series of meetings to determine what's next with the city's arena situation.

Juarez says the Select Committee on Civic Arenas will hold its first meeting March 27. The time is still undetermined, but will either happen in the mid-morning or late-afternoon.

The committee was formed to explore all of the issues related to a new arena, including transportation, historic preservation, and land use. Juarez said Monday there will be at least 10 meetings, designed to cover a total of 12 topics. Juarez and Council President Bruce Harrell will co-chair the committee. All council members will be a part of the committee.

Juarez says the first meeting will include an overview of Seattle Center, the RFP (Request for Proposals) on KeyArena, and transportation plans and/or changes.

Another meeting planned for April 17 will involve responses to the RFP. The city has asked for responses to a KeyArena renovation proposal five days earlier on April 12.

The committee is expected to meet throughout the summer and also review Chris Hansen's arena street vacation petition for one block of Occidental Ave. South. That was formally introduced to the council last month.