SEATTLE -- Solstice employees are working double-time to fill orders of their new 12th Pack in time for the Super Bowl.

"It's not like I go home with cramps or anything," Katy Filippone smiled.

Filippone is a pre-roll aficionado, but even for her, the joint-rolling speed inside Solstice's production room is moving fast. She's rolling about 180-220 joints in an 8-hour shift. That's double her normal pace.

The 12th Pack sold out within 15 minutes of Solstice releasing their video. So, the medical marijuana supplier decided to light up production.

"We definitely weren't ready for the speed of it," said Joe Santucci. "We've had to switch everything over. We have stopped trimming. We have stopped packing capsules."

McLean Sale would normally be trimming flowers, but not Wednesday. Solstice has moved everybody to rolling and packing.

"Sort of a crash course in how to how to hold the tube and prep the goods," Sale said. "There's no wasted movements."

They've set their goal at 2,000 joints per day.

Already, Patriots fans have made comments, calling Solstice and their consumers "stoners".

"And to that we just respond, 'We play within the rules of our state. That's something you should advise your team to do,'" Santucci said.

Solstice now plans on 12,000 joints, or 1,000 12th Packs, by Super Bowl Sunday. The 12th Pack is filled with their Seahawk Blend, the loudest they've got.

"Upon harvest, you know in the whole building," Santucci said.

By next season, Solstice plans to sell the 12th Pack for recreational users. The 12th Pack will be available in 26 stores across Washington by game day.

"I feel like I'm more invested in it now this year. I really want them to win," Filippone laughed.