Mayoral candidate Alex Tsimerman—most well known for his “heil Hitler” salutes to council members during public hearings—has been banned from City Hall for a year.

Tsimerman violated the city’s rules of conduct for the building and won’t be allowed to walk through City Hall doors until July 13, 2018, according to the Department of Finance and Administrative Services. The city sent a written notice to him excluding him from city property last week. Tsimerman denied any wrongdoing, called city officials psychopaths, and told PubliCola he believes the city violated his free speech rights.

On July 12, the day before Tsimerman received the notice; security removed him from a public safety committee meeting upon council member Lorena González’s request after he spoke during the public hearing. (Tsimerman spoke for about one and a half minutes and called council members “Nazi social democratic mafia,” after which González told him he needs to speak about something on the agenda. After another 20 seconds of him speaking, González asked security to remove him.)

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