Even in Seattle, thousands of miles from Havana, there are groups with close ties to Cuba, reacting to the news of Castro's death.

“We like many people are inspired by the achievements of the Cuban revolution,” said John Waller, secretary of the Seattle-Cuba Friendship Committee.

The organization works to improve relations between the U.S. and Cuba through trips and events. They are part of an annual project to deliver medical aid to Cuba.

“I am always amazed at the constant transformation of that country, to overcome the effects of the blockade, to overcome the difficulties they’ve had as a developing country,” said Cindy Domingo, chair of the U.S. Women and Cuba Collaboration, a group that highlights the women's movement in Cuba.

She's made close to 20 visits to Cuba and had heard Castro speak on multiple occasions.

“I was so excited when I went there, my second trip, to a May Day demonstration, and Fidel addressed one million people that were in Revolutionary Square, and we marched with him through the city,” Domingo said. “He has been an inspiration to me.”