A family is honoring their mom's memory with a unique gift. It's something an entire city can enjoy.

Just look for the trees, flowers, and park benches at the corner of East Harrison Street and Martin Luther King Junior Way in Seattle's Madison Valley.

“As someone said, ‘is it hard to let it go?’ I said, ‘what's to let go, it's a park, it's going to stay a park,’” said Page Knudsen Cowles, whose mother, Julia Lee Roderick Knudsen, passed away in 1990.

Calvert Knudsen, Julia’s husband, bought a small plot of land and built a public green space to honor her. It was open to all, but technically not a city park until Monday, when the Knudsen family officially donated Julia Lee's Park to the city.

“She really cared about Seattle,” Page Knudsen Cowles said. “this would've been right up her alley.”

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Julia Lee. Photo: Courtesy.