Seattle Central College students remembered the 75th anniversary of the internment of Japanese American students Friday.

SCC has a unique connection to the internment.

Before the location became a college, it was Broadway High School. More than 300 Broadway students were sent to concentration camps, according to the college. That was close to one third of the school’s students. SCC officials believe that’s one of the reasons the high school eventually closed in the 1940s.

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“My Caucasian girlfriend that I went to school with from grade school, she said the halls were just empty,” recalled Louise Kashino, a Japanese American Broadway high school student, who was 16 when the executive order came.

“I missed out on the June graduation program, which was one of my big regrets,” she said.

She had another connection to Friday’s ceremony.

Kashino's granddaughter, Shina, currently goes to Seattle Central College.

Kashino believes it’s important to keep the history she lived alive.

“We want the nation to remember, especially when we’re going through such a trying time right now,” she said. “For the benefit of the Muslim community, we share our experience.”

KING 5’s Lori Matsukawa and Ryan Takeo shared both of their family connections to the camps in an episode of “The Sound”, a weekly podcast from KING 5.