SEATTLE - The Seattle Arena investment group is jumping into the conversation about Sound Transit 3.

On Monday, documents filed with the State's Public Disclosure Commission showed a Limited Liability Company connected with the Sonics Arena investment team donated $25,000 to the ST3 ballot measure.

The $54 Billion ballot measure aims to extend light rail between Snohomish, King and Pierce Counties over the next 20 years. The proposed Seattle arena site is situated near two current light rail locations.

Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia and Vulcan have already given tens of thousands of dollars to the campaign, officially known as Mass Transit Now.

Recently, the arena investment team spent $32 million on more than four acres of land south of Holgate and have spent almost $100 million on property in SoDo.

Their request for a street vacation, in order to build the arena, was rejected 5-4 by the Seattle City Council in May. It is possible the group could still reapply for the street vacation.