Greg Brown is a diehard Seahawks fan and a competitive cousin.

This weekend he welcomed his cousin Sharon Pressley to town from the Washington D.C.-area. She’s a Redskins fan.

When the NFL schedule came out in the offseason, they circled this Sunday’s Seattle-Washington game on the calendar.

In previous matchups, they’ve wagered like state’s governors might do, where the fan supporting the losing team paid up with presents. Pressley offered Virginia ham and Brown countered with salmon and coffee.

“We’ve enjoyed it at Easter, we’ve enjoyed it at Christmas from her,” recalled Brown. “All in our Seahawk gear.”

The two wanted to continue that wager this year, but Pressley decided to ramp up the trash talk.

Starting in April, she began posting video on Facebook of current and former Redskins players.

“No ham for Greg, is what they say,” said Pressley. “I call it a ‘ham slam.'”

“She sent me 19 players,” said Brown. “At first, I’m like, ‘How is she doing this?'"

“It got to be when Tuesday mornings I would wake up and I would look at my phone and be like, ‘Who is it today?’” he admitted.

Brown bought two tickets to Sunday’s game and challenged his cousin to make the trip west. He’s excited to show his cousin the Seahawks' home field advantage.

“I’m excited for the scoreboard at the end,” added Brown.

“So am I,” his cousin countered.