SEATTLE - He’s one of the rising stars on the Seahawks, but Defensive End Cassius Marsh isn’t only making plays on the field. Since he was 11, Marsh has been a huge fan of the popular trading card game ‘Magic the Gathering’ and every week he joins everyday people at Shane’s Card Shop in Renton for a little Magic.

“Everybody has their one thing they do, some guys it's like video games or hiking or whatever, I like to go to the gym and play Magic cards,” Marsh said.

When Marsh started dating his girlfriend, she realized one thing very quickly.

“We're really good at communicating, but when I can't get ahold of him, I know he's playing Magic,” Devyn Adair said. “It makes me happy. I love seeing people do what they love.”

When Marsh shows up at the card shop, he plays alongside everyday people. Some of them are military, others are IT professionals, a few are card shop employees.

“Cassius, I really don’t look at him as a football player, he’s just a friend,” Thomas Sinder said.

Fans will soon have the chance to play Cassius in ‘Magic the Gathering’ when he hosts a charity tournament on December 30th. The tournament will take place at MOX Boarding House in Bellevue beginning at 6 pm. The entry fee is $30 and all proceeds benefit “Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Puget Sound.” Spots are limited so you may want to call in advance to make sure you have a seat.