The Port of Seattle is doubling down so you won't get lost at Sea-Tac Airport. It's spending $2 million on a plan that includes hiring wayfinding experts and upgrading signage.

Sea-Tac is one of the fastest growing airports in the country and sees nearly 45 million passengers each year. An airport spokesman says a study shows 10 percent of those travelers get lost while they're there.

"It's very different than other airports," said Joseph Labozan of Labozan Associates.

Labozan is a wayfinder and his job is to evaluate pathways, flows, colors of signs, advertisements and more.

"In terms of aesthetics, amenities, signage, it's good," he said. "I think what they're looking to be is great."

The changes are part of a long-term plan that includes helping the airport modernize.

"If the airport had a voice, it would not be the architecture, it would not be the amenities, it would not be the parking, it would not be the curbs. It would be the signs," said Labozan. "People want to get to the gate quickly. They want to be able to go shop. So it's really important that they don't have to pause. Our goal is we don't want them to ever have to stop. They should just be able to flow through all of that without a stop."