SEATTLE -- The Seattle First Hill Streetcar is temporarily out of service until further notice after one of the cars lost power and slid two-and-a-half blocks Wednesday morning.

According to Seattle Department of Transportation, car 405 was traveling southbound on Broadway at 6:07 a.m. when it experienced an “electromechanical malfunction” causing the vehicle to lose power just south of Boren Ave. When it lost power, the parking break engaged, locking the car’s wheels. The car continued down the track at about 20 mph until it reached Yesler Way. A curve in the track at the intersection stopped the car.

SDOT has traced the malfunction back to the car’s load contactor, which is similar to a circuit breaker.

Two passengers and an operator were on the vehicle at the time. No one was injured and no collisions occurred.

“Out of an abundance of caution at about 2:25 on Monday, the remaining vehicles on the First Hill line were pulled out of service for inspection. As well as one vehicle on the South Lake Union line that is a part of this vehicle fleet,” said Andrew Glass Hastings of SDOT.

The cars are being inspected at a service facility in the International District.

Special shuttle service has been established on the First Hill Streetcar route from Pioneer Square up to Capitol Hill.

The long-delayed project opened in January 2016.