When there are no Mariners games, there are still plenty of people working behind the scenes at Safeco Field. On any given day, even during the off-season, you'll find a handful of tour guides teaching the public about the team, the history and the inner workings of the stadium. 

"I taught school for 31 years and survived junior high students," joked Randy Jones, Safeco tour guide. "I always knew when retirement came around that this was going to be the job for me."

Jones is still a rookie of the tour guide team with five years under his belt. He takes guests on a "behind the seams" tour throughout the stadium, which includes an inside look at the dugout, the visitor's locker room, the press box and much more. The tours last about an hour though Jones says sometimes they run longer depending on what's happening.

Jones knows just about everything about Safeco. He'll tell you why each locker room cubby has exactly 31 hangers inside or why the stadium won't have to change a light bulb for 30 years. He says it never gets old and it helps pay for one very important bill.

"I do this to help pay for my family season tickets," he joked.

Jones says baseball is simply in his blood. His parents met at a picnic -- his dad threw the ball to his mom and the rest was history. Many people know his mom for ringing a cowbell every time Ken Griffey, Jr. went to bat.