Nearly 10,000 runners have converged in Seattle for Sunday's Seattle Marathon. This weekend brought chilly temperatures to Western Washington so runners are already preparing for a long, cold race. The full marathon kicks off at 8:15 on Sunday morning, the half marathon starts 45 minutes earlier at 7:30 a.m.

On Saturday night the Westin hotel hosted the runners for a race expo, registration, and pre-race dinner. Runners from across the country are participating as well as several people from different parts of the world.

Brandon Steele has made it an annual event to come to Seattle for the marathon at the end of November. He drove south from Vancouver along with 18 of his students. Steele said the cold weather is not a concern.

"These are tough Canadian kids, I'm not worried about anything," Steele said.

Eric Larpenteur has been working the timing chips for six years, and he made it up from Portland earlier this week.

"We did have a volunteer who was from California and she was complaining. I'm not used to this snow," Larpenteur said.

Larpenteur isn't running in the morning, but he did give some advice with a big smile on his face.

"I would say wear everything you brought," Larpenteur said. "I would even take a towel from the hotel and stuff it in your shirt."