I’m a mom, and as a mom I worry about my son’s safety in the car. So much so that even at 3 ½ years old, his car seat is still in the middle of the rear row. Why? If we are side swiped, at least he wouldn’t be potentially sitting on the same side as the impact. So it's no surprise I’m super concerned about the safety of my son’s car seat. Here are some resources from SaferCar.gov that I have found helpful:

What’s the right car seat for my kid?

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Based on my kid’s age, which car seat should I get?

How do I properly install my kid’s car seat?

There are many different kinds of seats, to find which one you have and learn how to install it correctly, click here.

Where can I get my car seat inspected?

Find a child car seat inspection station nearest you. Certified technicians will inspect your child car seat,
in most cases, free of charge - and show you how to correctly install and use it.

Used car seat safety checklist

  • The seat has never been involved in a moderate to severe crash.
  • The seat has labels stating date of manufacture and model number. You need this information to find out if there is a recall on the car seat or if the seat is too old.
  • The seat has no recalls. If you do find a recall on the car seat, you should contact the manufacturer as some problems can be fixed.
  • The seat has all its parts. If the seat is missing a part, contact the manufacturer as some parts can be ordered.
  • The seat has its instruction book. You can also order the instruction manual from the manufacturer.

How can I register my car seat?

Registering your car seat allows the manufacturer to notify you about recalls and safety notices. Register here.

Safe travels to everyone!