City of Renton leaders are hoping anyone and everyone will join them to discuss the future of downtown. The meeting will take place at the Renton Pavilion Event Center from 5:30-8:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 2.

City of Renton Community Development Project Manager John Collum says this is a great opportunity for the public to share their thoughts on a variety of things downtown.

“How can downtown work better for them? How can we make it a more attractive downtown? What can we bring in to downtown to make it better? What do we already have in downtown that we can make better?,” Collum said. “We invite the public, residents, employees, members of nonprofit organizations, social service agencies, anybody, businesses, property owners, anybody that has a stake in downtown Renton we want them to come to the meeting and have their voices heard.”

This is all part of a year-long planning project that will conclude early next year with a better idea of exactly what they hope to see in the downtown core.

Armondo Pavone is the owner of Melrose Grill and a current councilman in Renton. He said when considering the future of downtown they face a unique challenge.

“There’s so many invested parties in downtown,” Pavone said. “You’ve got business owners and building owners and you’ve got the residents that live downtown or live close by and all of those different entities have different viewpoints of what they’d like to see.”

Pavone said that’s why it is so important everyone comes out on Thursday so that everybody can work toward getting on the same page. Collum agrees.

“This is an opportunity for the public to come in and tell the city what it wants its downtown to be,” Collum said. “We can take a better look at what is the character of this area and what do we want it to be in the future.”