Drive down Cleveland Street in Redmond and you'll see signs of new development everywhere. There are new buildings with retail space, apartments and a new downtown park under construction.

Hoffman's Bakery relocated to downtown Remond last January after redevelopment forced them out of their location after more than 30 years.

One Redmond, a public-private partnership, helped Hoffman's find their new home. They work with small businesses to help them relocate to Redmond or help existing companies with their business plans and financing.

"Companies may have trouble with an improvement permit. Recently, we helped businesses concerned about construction impacts and we worked with the city to try and resolve some of that," said CEO Bart Phillips.

One Redmond's hope is to help companies grow and expand, to help grow the local economy. But with redevelopment come stories of businesses who are being forced out. With light rail coming to Redmond in 2024, it could displace even more businesses. That's what Tom Schmidlin, the owner of Postdoc Brewing, is worried about.

"With the light rail station coming, it's going to be about a half mile from here, which sounds great in terms of influx of customers, but it's also going to force redevelopment in the area and we're not sure what those impacts are going to be," said Schmidlin.

Schmidlin hopes to be able to stay in Redmond, a place that has been great for his business. He says the city works well with business owners to help them be a part of the community.

"Very helpful and welcoming. They wanted our business to succeed, so they made things as easy as possible for us," said Schmidlin.