Wonder Woman is no stranger to saving the day. Now, with the help of a savvy comic book seller, she is set to make a difference in the real world.

Darren Adams is a comic book collector in Federal Way with a big reputation. Last week he auctioned a rare comic book featuring Wonder Woman and plans to donate a portion of the sale.

Adams acquired a 1941 All-Star comics issue, the first to mention Wonder Woman. He took to the popular selling website eBay in hopes of bringing in the biggest profit.

A portion of the proceeds go to Trafficking Hope, a charity focused on recognizing and preventing cases of human trafficking.

"It's been nonstop this week," says Adams as he fields phone calls. "I call it the wartime find."

By 7 p.m. Sunday, the auction closed just shy of his $1 million goal. The comic originally cost 10 cents in 1941 and sold for $936,223 this past weekend.

This is not the first time Adams has made a big donation. In 2014 he sold the Action Comics #1 for $3.2 million, with a portion benefiting the Christopher Reeves foundation to help stem cell research.