ISSAQUAH, Wash. – We asked you on Facebook to share your horror stories from Monday's traffic mess.

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Most of you shared just that – horror stories. But then there was one post about something quite the opposite.

Jessi Thomason managed to uncover three separate instances of neighbors helping neighbors.

First, her physical therapist offered to drive her home after seeing the road conditions.

When that didn't work – the streets were gridlocked – strangers offered to help her walk and keep her balance in the snow and slush.

After walking most of the way home, Thomason thought she was good to go. But then she needed one last bit of help – the final stretch home up a steep hill.

Another stranger offered to give her a lift in their SUV.

"They said, 'Oh My Gosh, you're injured. We can help you,'" she said. "I was blown away."

Blown away by random kindness in the middle of random traffic messiness.