For local veteran Libby Rendlen, the first day on her new job was scary.

"I was definitely nervous and I've definitely never seen a site like this," she said.

That's because it was her first time working a civilian job after leaving the military this year.

"It's just a very daunting task. You've been inoculated into the culture of the military and it's this great environment and such a strong community to be a part of when you're coming out of it it's a little scary," said Rendlen.

She and 12 other veterans spent the last three months in a veteran hiring program at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Dupont. It's a program created through Camo 2 Commerce, which helps about 9,000 veterans transition out of JBLM each year.

"We have programs designed to help them translate that experience on their resume. We have interviewing programs to help them speak the language, so to speak, of the corporate culture to help them with that transition," said Robert Comer, a project specialist with Camo 2 Commerce.

For Rendlen, the last three months have been rewarding, but challenging.

"It's not the military so you can't just use your rank to be like, 'Hey You're going to do this because I'm telling you to,' But to really have the knowledge and the backing that, 'Hey this is going to make our company better this is going to make your job better so let me help you.'"

As Libby prepares to graduate she says the program has given her the help she needs to succeed in her next chapter.