This week the Port of Seattle filed a Supreme Court amicus brief arguing against President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments next month. The Supreme Court allowed the order to run for 90 days, starting in June. The order ends Sunday.

Port Commissioner Courtney Gregoire said the port, which also runs SeaTac airport, is the first port in the U.S. to weigh in on the order.

“The port at its true core is about expanding international ties, expanding international business,” she said. “We have really an economic and moral obligation in being a welcoming and opening port.”

Gregoire added Emirates Airlines cut one of its Dubai-Seattle flights in April due to the ban. The airport said losing one international flight adds up to an $89 million loss annually.

The port commissioner also said she saw social media posts questioning the decision.

“I saw a couple Facebook posts saying, ‘Why would the port get involved?’ They didn’t actually have an answer as to why wouldn’t we get involved,” she said.

Jorge Baron with the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project said even now, the travel ban is leaving families in limbo.

“We still have a case that’s pending that’s awaiting the results of the Supreme Court,” said Baron.

Baron added he’s representing a mother from Somalia who’s trying to bring her seven-year-old son from overseas.

“I’m thinking about the human cost, right, the separation of families. But I think it’s also important for the court to consider the economic impact,” said Baron.