This time of year is hard for a lot of people, especially groups trying to help others. Plymouth Housing had a call out earlier in the week asking for Thanksgiving Day donations. The group had concerns since donations were at a critical low.

That last-minute push helped the group come up with enough donations to provide more than 700 meals to its residents across Seattle.

"This is a hard time and I want to focus on the good that's in peoples' hearts," says Betsy Hunter, deputy director of Plymouth Housing Group. "I think there's a lot of love and compassion and giving in the Seattle community and it's about connecting people to the opportunity to give."

It's also a good reminder for the community that this is just the start of the holiday season for Plymouth Housing and other charitable organizations. Plymouth Housing has events year-round and is also currently accepting winter clothing donations and blankets.

Plymouth Housing works to end homelessness and address its causes.