Woodland Park Zoo's 8-year-old giraffe Tufani, is going to be a mother, and the zoo wants to give you a chance to meet the newborn.

Tufani's (too-fawn-ee) birthing process will not be live streamed like that of April, the famous giraffe from New York's Animal Adventure Park. But there's a way you can get involved.

The zoo is inviting you to participate in a contest to guess the baby's birth date and sex. The winner will receive gifts from the zoo, including a visit with the newborn giraffe.

Giraffe pregnancies last for 14 to 15 months, so Tufani's birth window is between mid-May and early July. To enter into the contest, participants can fill out an entry form online between now and May 14.

Tufani will remain in her African Savanna exhibit until she has her baby. Zoo-goers can visit Tufani at the up close giraffe experience along with Dave, her mate, and Olivia, her older sister.

Giraffe fans can help Tufani and her family by visiting the Woodland Park Zoo and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. For more information about Tufani and the other giraffes at the zoo, visit the zoo's website.