Woodland Park Zoo staff is mourning the death of a resident 10-year-old female red panda.

According to a post on the zoo’s Facebook page on Monday, Stellar showed signs of illness over the last two weeks.

“After a diagnostic exam she was moved to the zoo’s veterinary hospital to receive supportive care but, despite this, she progressively worsened and the decision was made to humanely euthanize her last week.”

Staff remembered her saying, “Stellar was a sweet, mellow animal and her keepers always had an easy time working with her.”

Zoo curator Mark Myers added, “She held a very special place in the hearts of her keepers and those in the community who had the pleasure of meeting her during special behind-the-scenes tours. It’s a very difficult loss for our staff and she’ll be missed very much.”

Stellar arrived at the zoo in 2008 from Edmonton Valley Zoo in Alberta, Canada under a conservation breeding program.

The median life expectancy for red pandas in zoos is 10 years.