A pregnant giraffe at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle could give birth within the next week.

The zoo said expectant mom Tufani (two-fawn-ee) has a birth window of mid-May to early July. Pregnancies for giraffes last 14-15 months. But zookeepers say she has been showing behavioral signs that she may give birth in the coming days.

"In addition, we’ve observed changes in her udder, a reduced appetite and restlessness, which lead us to believe she’s approaching labor,” zookeeper Katie Ahl said in a statement.

Mothers give birth standing up, and the calf drops about five feet to the ground. Infant giraffes are usually six feet tall, can stand within a half-hour after birth, and can run around with their moms within a few hours.

Unlike April, the giraffe in New York that captured the world's attention on social media, Woodland Park Zoo said it will not livestream Tufani's delivery. But it does plan to launch a web camera after the calf is born and is interacting and nursing with Tufani.

The zoo is inviting people to track Tufani's progress using the hashtag #tallestbaby on the zoo’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.