The newest addition to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium’s sea otter family arrived at the aquarium Monday.

Seiku, a 5-year-old Northern sea otter, was brought to the zoo temporarily to be a companion for the zoo’s 6-year-old Southern sea otter Libby.

Seiku came to Point Defiance from Seattle Aquarium. Libby, who was abandoned in the wild, has been at the aquarium since she was 7 months old.

“The arrival of Sekiu showcases the cooperative conservation work we undertake with Seattle Aquarium and other partners to tell the story of these endangered animals,” said Zoo General Curator Karen Goodrowe Beck in a release.

The pair will make their debut this week during the grand reopening of Rocky Shores, which underwent renovation and replicates coastline near Cape Flattery.

Listed as an endangered species, there’s only about 125,000 sea otters left in the wild, according to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.