As the first weekend of summer is arriving, so are the warnings about heat and pets.

If pets are left outside, Urban Animal Vet Cherri Trusheim urged owners to make sure they have access to unlimited water and shade.

Another problem to look out for: fleas and ticks. Trusheim said these parasites are more common in warmer weather. If traveling to places outside of western Washington, look out for heartworm.

Most importantly when it comes to the heat, Trusheim said to never leave your pet in the car on a warm day.

Signs of heat stress in pets include anxiousness, excessive panting, restlessness, unsteadiness, unusual gum or tongue color, or collapsing.

If you insist on exercising with your pet on warm days, make sure to do it during the cooler part of the day. Trusheim said to take plenty of water, take breaks, and stay away from hot surfaces like asphalt.

Trusheim said pets that are overweight or short and muzzled with squished faces are less heat tolerant.