SEATTLE-- A group is seeking city approval to ban pit bulls from all Seattle parks.

Attacked by dogs more than 20 years ago, Ellen Taft is gathering signatures to ban fighting breed dogs from off-leash areas and all Seattle parks.

I am hoping for a gradual phasing out of all pit bulls, Taft said, head of the group Families and Dogs against Fighting Breeds.

Currently, Seattle city law is breed neutral.

According to Seattle Animal Control, pit bulls are responsible for nearly a quarter of the 250 bites in the city each year. But, they say very few attacks happen in parks; most of them occur in neighborhoods.

Families and Dogs against Fighting Breeds is the same group that tried unsuccessfully for a city-wide pit bull ban in 2008.

FDAFB is holding a rally next week, Thursday, September 1, at Westlake Park at 5:30 p.m.