In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the widespread flooding it caused in Texas, one way people in Seattle are trying to help involves pets impacted by the storm.

Seattle Humane received it's first two waves of animals last week. Some of those animals have already been adopted by loving families.

Tuesday brought yet another arrival: 39 cats and five dogs that arrived at Boeing Field and were then transported to Seattle Humane's shelter in Bellevue.

The pets being brought here were not separated from their owners during the hurricane. Instead, they rode out the storm at already overcrowded shelters in and around Houston.

The goal is to help relieve some of that overcrowding, to open up space and resources in Texas shelters, so that those facilities can focus on pets that were displaced or separated from their owners during Hurricane Harvey.

"The willingness of our community to step in and help has been overwhelming," said Amanda Anderson with Seattle Humane. "This is the third of many transfers that we expect to receive from Hurricane Harvey, and we're doing everything in our power to help."

To support Seattle Humane's efforts, or if you're interested in adopting or fostering a Harvey pet, click here. Seattle Humane will also hold an orientation for prospective volunteers on September 12 at 11:30 a.m. You can email for more information.

Meanwhile, 43 additional Harvey dogs are set to arrive in Seattle on Wednesday evening, brought here by a Houston-based rescue group called K9Kare Animal Advocates.

Ever since the storm, that organization has been going to shelters in Texas and saving animals on the verge of being euthanized.

"It just tugs at my heart strings to know that I can do something for these dogs," said Cindy Metteer, who will be fostering four of the dogs that will arrive on Wednesday. "Some of the dogs have already been adopted, and others are foster dogs going into foster care between Seattle and Portland. Some will go here; some will go to Portland. People have really stepped up."

If you would like to be part of K9Kare's volunteer team in Washington or Oregon, email If you're interested in adopting one of the Harvey dogs or cats K9Kare is working to help, click here.

"Every little bit helps. I know we're a couple thousand miles away, but whatever we can do to help," said Metteer. "In order to help any of the animals directly displaced by Hurricane Harvey, we have to empty those shelters in Texas and get these animals out into foster homes. That way, those dogs that are out there, displaced or lost, have a place to go. And people who lost their pets have a place where they can check and see if their pet is there."