The 4th of July is quite possibly the most stressful time of year for our furry family members.

"Their senses are extra sensitive, and it is very stressful for them, and they get very confused and disoriented," says Laura Follis from PAWS rescue in Lynwood.

According to Follis, all the bright lights and noise causes a lot of stress and anxiety for our pets. It physically disorients them and creates a flight response, and many animals will take off out of fear.

Because this holiday falls on a Tuesday, expect the booms to be booming for several days before and after the holiday which is a large window of time for your fur-baby to run away.

If that happens, Follis says, don't give up looking for them and check not only the local shelters but veterinary offices nearby because some people will take lost animals to the local vet. So, make sure that your pet has its identification updated and on their collar. Also, never bring your pet to a firework display and try keeping them in a safe room.

"Bringing items of comfort like a bed and toys, close the blinds so that the lights don't come in and play some music, so you have that background noise to try to block out some of the noise of the fireworks," says Follis.

Most importantly try to be with them and comfort if you can. PAWS is closed for adoptions on Tuesday but will be open to take in any lost pets or wildlife.

The big booms affect nature too, so if you find an orphaned wild animal contact PAWS immediately.