MOSCOW, Idaho -- Police in Moscow, Idaho, say they're getting so many calls about moose in the area, they've had to start asking people to stop calling.

Moscow is just over the border from Pullman. The city gets moose every year right around this time because the animals are looking for food.

But now the sightings have become so frequent that some folks want the animals captured and moved for safety reasons.

Megan Rogalski says she was more scared than usual after one recent encounter.

"I don't know if we were in any danger, but to have him run towards us was pretty nerve-wracking," she said.

Idaho Fish and Game officials said so far, these moose have not created any major problems that would call for them to be trapped and relocated.

Officials said relocating them isn't easy and requires a fair amount of manpower. Tranquilizing and relocating a moose causes extra stress on the animal.

City leaders said they are monitoring the moose to make sure nothing bad happens. Police are also reminding residents not to approach moose as moose are wild animals.