The city of Seattle says it is peak pothole season, and crews are working to keep up with the number of complaints.

Monday afternoon, drivers were doing their best along Delridge Way to avoid the problem.

"There's a lot of holes on this road," said driver John Madden. "I was just following a guy down here from the Home Depot, and he was all over the road. I thought he was on drugs or something; then I noticed he was dodging around the potholes."

From West Seattle to North Seattle, trouble spots are easy to find.

Tammy Hammrich points to Greenwood Ave. and 143rd.

"I'd give it an eight out of ten, really bad," Hammrich said.

A mix of wear and tear, made worse by a cold and wet winter, are reasons why this peak pothole season is particularly challenging.

You can report potholes on Seattle's Department of Transportation website, and track progress on a city map. The city says its goal is to repair potholes within three business days.

Last month, about 3,700 potholes were repaired, according to the city website.